Sparrows at the Izakaya (Japanese Pub)

After living together for 15 years, my beloved dog passed away and went to heaven. For a while, I lived in sorrow, shedding tears of loneliness. However, I found solace in birdwatching.

I began walking through forests and hills with binoculars and a camera in hand, searching for birds. Eventually, I started climbing mountains with a backpack, and even ventured onto snowy mountains with crampons and skis. Before I knew it, I was even rock climbing, leaving birdwatching behind.

It's fascinating how humans, when they keep moving, end up in places they never imagined.

During my telework hours, my primary companions are the birds that visit my garden. Especially the sparrows, with their cheerful chirping, visit daily. I leave out rice for them, and they often come with their families or friends, visiting incessantly.

When they finish the rice and want more, they often perch on the window, peering inside as if urging me to refill. I sometimes wonder if, in times of food scarcity, these sparrows would bring sacks of rice to help me out.

From winter to early spring, if I leave out oranges, a pair of white-eyes come to visit. Often, one bird watches from a distance while the other eats, but there are times when both eat together harmoniously.

Then, the bulbul spots the white-eyes and comes over. It quickly devours the oranges, leaving the white-eyes looking on sadly from a distance. The world of birds has its territories, and it’s quite entertaining to observe.

The other day, while at an izakaya (Japanese pub), I saw on the menu, “Sparrow available.” I was taken aback. It must be a version of yakitori (grilled chicken skewers) but with sparrow.

As I wondered, “Is it okay to eat them?”, a friend mentioned, “I’ve eaten it before.” I wonder if it’s common for people to have tried it.

Instead of eating them, I recommend the barley shochu named “Suzume” (sparrow). “Suzume Kohaku” from Ginza is a barley shochu from Oita, stored in oak barrels used for bourbon whiskey imported from Kentucky distilleries. It has a smooth and smoky flavor.

4/20限定は全品P2倍 【送料無料】八鹿酒造 銀座のすずめ 琥珀 麦 25度 1800ml (1.8L)×6本【北海道・沖縄県・東北・四国・九州地方は必ず送料が掛かります。】

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