Ducks in Dotonbori(Osaka)

Recently, on my workdays, I've made it a habit to walk the distance equivalent to about six subway stations on my way home. Due to circumstances like the COVID-19 self-restraint, I've gained about 3 kilograms. Regardless of whether I jog, walk briskly, or go mountain climbing, I can't seem to shed the weight. I'm aware that it's probably because I consume more than I burn, especially in terms of food and drink (^^;).

The cherry blossom season is nearing its end, but areas around Shinsaibashi and Namba are bustling with tourists from abroad. Today, I even spotted a group of about 30 tourists walking in a line. In places like Dotonbori, it seems there are more tourists than locals.

Blending in with these tourists and peering into Dotonbori, I spotted a lone duck leisurely swimming. I was delighted to see a duck in Dotonbori. Although it's hard to capture with a smartphone, you can spot it near the red arrow at the bottom right of the image.

In the past, the Dotonbori river was notoriously polluted. There were instances, like when the Hanshin Tigers won, where people would jump into the river, making headlines. Locals in Osaka would think, "How could they jump into such a filthy river?" I had never seen ducks in the Dotonbori river before, but perhaps the water quality has improved recently. In any case, seeing birds and fish swimming comfortably makes me wish for the river to regain its clarity and beauty.

If that happens, visitors from all over the world who come to Osaka will surely enjoy it even more. Rather than building casinos, I hope Osaka aims to be a beautiful tourist city with a touch of warmth and humanity.

As a souvenir from Osaka, the freshly baked fluffy cheesecake from Rikuro Ojisan is popular.
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