Dragonflies・Insect Repellent Measures for the Outdoors

The perfect season for hiking and outdoor activities has arrived. And with it, insects are also becoming more active. Even if we take various measures against them, such as making our own repellent sprays with peppermint oil, hanging mosquito coils around our waist, or swatting them away with fans, these little creatures still energetically buzz around us.

Yesterday, as I started climbing Maya Mountain in Kobe from Shin-Kobe station, I encountered an old man selling handmade dragonflies on the mountain trail. Dragonflies are predators feared in the insect world. It's said that if you hang one of these around you, mosquitoes, horseflies, and wasps won't come near.

I've been curious about this, so when I saw them being sold for a very reasonable price of 300 yen, I immediately bought one. As we were purchasing them, other climbers also started buying, and soon they were sold out. Good for the old man!

From now on, I plan to cherish this little dragonfly buddy, attaching it to my backpack or hat, and walk together.

Insect repellent sprays are also indispensable. Since I sometimes get rashes, I prefer organic ones. Since I use them frequently, I opt for something gentle on the skin.

And when it comes to sleeping, a mosquito net is essential. With it, you can sleep comfortably without the need for coils or sprays. We sometimes have centipedes in our house, and the net is effective not only against mosquitoes but also centipedes.

Insects are also trying their best to survive, but I'd prefer not to get bitten. So, with the mindset of "please stay away from me," I'm determined to get through this summer.

Nunobiki waterfall

View from Kikuseidai

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(2023/4/24 19:27時点)

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