Helmet Expiry Date

When riding a bicycle, it has become a duty of effort to wear a helmet, and it has been in the news every day.

I usually walk to the station and don't ride a bicycle, so I didn't feel it was close to me, but this morning's news said that helmets need to be replaced every three years, and I was taken aback. Does that mean that the lifespan of a climbing helmet is about the same?

I think my climbing shoes and helmet have been purchased for over seven years. Does my helmet expire? I can't imagine everyone replacing it at that frequency.

Prices are rising steadily, but saying goodbye to a helmet that is a bit dirty but still seems usable and replacing it is still hesitant.

Upon investigation, it seems that they no longer absorb shocks due to aging. Depending on the material and usage, it seems that the lifespan for climbing is 3-10 years. Those that have been hit by falls or the like can no longer be used and must be replaced. To protect our precious heads, we must not neglect to check our helmets.

Bicycle helmets are frequently used, so they seem to deteriorate quickly. Climbing helmets are not used every day, so they seem to last a little longer. When I buy it next time, I wonder if I should choose something colorful and cheerful. When I looked at the helmets of today, Petzl Boreo and others are affordable and cute, and I felt like replacing them.
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