Favorite Mountain Hut/Campsite Part 4: Akadake Kosen

For this blog post, I'll share my memories of a nostalgic mountain trip I discovered on Yamareco in June 2014. It was a relaxed getaway with the atmosphere of a school reunion, and we stayed at Akadake Kosen in the Yatsugatake Mountains.

This place offers hot baths, delicious and luxurious dinners, making it a popular mountain hut. It's particularly popular among female hikers, and I think most mountaineers have visited at least once. The interior of the hut has an elegant design, reminiscent of a boutique hotel. Since we went on a weekday, it wasn't too crowded. We arrived at Akadake Kosen on our first day, and the following morning, we hiked from Mt. Iou to Mt. Yoko and then to Mt. Akadake before descending. 

We were blessed with great weather, and it was an enjoyable experience. However, completing the circuit in one day and descending afterward left us quite tired by the time we reached the Mino-godo Parking Lot. Staying one more night would have allowed us to savor the mountains without rushing during the descent – it might have been a better choice.

There was someone playing the ukulele in front of the Mt. Iou Peak Hut. Music heard near the summit really resonates with the heart.

The summit of Mt. Akadake felt quite far away.

The Prunella collaris were singing beautifully.

The campsite appears to have a comfortable environment with water sources, so it would be great to try camping there when you have the chance. I haven’t had the opportunity to visit the Southern Alps recently either. This year, I’m thinking about attempting the Shiramine Sanzan Traverse (from Mt. Kitadake to Mt. Naito) but it seems that Naito Hut, famously associated with “Naito Oyaji,” is currently closed. It’s a bit disappointing as I haven’t been there before.

Even for those who aren’t avid climbers, it could be enjoyable to visit Akadake Onsen for camping or staying in the hut. Please note that they are planning to renovate the bathhouse this summer, and during the construction period from June 25, 2023, to July 4, 2023, the baths will be unavailable. So, if you’re hoping to use the bathhouse at the hut, please be aware of the construction dates.

They are famous for their steak dinner. It was delicious!

Akadake Kosen is spacious

On this day, it was clear skies, and you could see Mount Fuji.

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